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They offer the look of a wood frame and the low-maintenance requirements, insect- and rot-resistant characteristics, thermal efficiency, and structural integrity of vinyl, composites, or aluminum clad-frames. 

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Wood is a noble material, which gives the building a unique personality and character and well, it never is out of style.

With this natural material we are able to enliven minimalistic and modern interiors as well as keep the original beauty of the windows in the older buildings.

Excellent Insulation

Genuine wooden window frames help to insulate a home far better than any other kind of window frame.

he insulation that real wood provides can help keep a home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Thus, it saves the homeowner big bucks on utility bills all year round. To increase insulating properties further, homeowners can also choose energy efficient double-paned glass, which comes in a variety of styles and finishes as well.

Wooden window frames deliver exceptional energy savings and are an economically smart long-term choice for any homeowner.
Wood Windows and Doors picture
Wood Windows and Doors picture


Wood can be altered through painting and staining to fit in with the decor of the home. These alterations not only gives the homeowner the versatility to customize windows to match their style and taste, but it also gives them the flexibility to change the window frames as trends change.

While some other types of frames may accept paint, wooden window frames embrace paint color unlike any other. Wood not only welcomes paint, it almost demands it. This versatility can lead to a stunning curbside appeal for any home.

Many different exteriors and interior cladding options are available that make wood windows very versatile to the homeowner’s wishes. Wooden frames come in an almost endless variety of custom shapes and sizes.

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